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“Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean (castor seed). Castor oil is a colorless to very pale yellow liquid with mild or no odor or taste. Castor is cultivated around the world because of the commercial importance of its oil. India is the world's largest producer with over 60 % share, followed by China and Brazil with about 20% and 10 % respectively. Because of its unlimited industrial applications, castor oil enjoys tremendous demand world-wide, India is also the biggest exporter of castor oil holding about 70% share of the international trade in this commodity. ”

Application of Castor Oil and its Derivatives


  Organic Fertilisers

  Viscosity Reducing Additives
  Food Packaging

Textile Chemicals
  Textile Finishing Materials
  Dyeing Aids
  Nylon, Synthetic Fibers & Resins
  Synthetic Detergents
  Surfactants, Pigment Wetting Agents

Plastics & Rubber
  Polyamide 11 (Nylon 11)
  Plastic Films
  Synthetic Resins
  Coupling Agents

Cosmetics & Perfumeries
  Perfumery Products
  Hair Tonics
  Deodorants Textile Finishing Materials

Electronics & Telecommunications
  Polymers for Electronics & Telecommunications
  Insulation Materials

  Laxatives & Purgative Surfactants

  Lubricating Grease
  Aircraft Lubricants
  Jet Engine Lubricants
  Racing Car Lubricants
  Hydraulic Fluids
  Heavy Duty Automotive Greases
  Fuel Additives
  Corrosion Inhibitors

Paints, Inks & Additives
  Plasticizer for Coatings
  Paint Strippers
  Adhesive Removers
  Wetting & Dispersing Additives
  Finishing Materials

  Water Proofing Additive

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