We help the world growing since 1983
NK Industries Ltd was incorporated as NK Oil Mills Pvt Ltd. in 1987 and converted into Public Limited Company in 1992. It is involved in the manufacturing of castor oil and its derivatives like HCO and 12HSA
Our Strengths
  • Qualified judgment of seed procurement
  • Strong network of brokers, suppliers, market intelligence and communication infrastructure.
  • Ability to entertain large orders because of large production capacity and large storage facility for seeds and oil.
  • Located in high growing areas of Gujarat, which has not only the country’s but the world’s highest yield.
Quality Policy

We at N K Industries Ltd are committed to not only meeting customer expectation but exceeding it by delivering a quality product and on time delivery schedules. We understand the individual needs of customer and cater them accordingly. The company adheres to the strictest quality management system and makes sure that the employees are well understood with the policy. All employees of the company are instructed of the importance of quality, are trained in the procedures necessary to ensure its achievement and are required to work in accordance with their provisions. The organization constantly monitors its quality performance and implements improvements plans wherever appropriate.

  • Manufacturing Plant: Kadi, Gujarat, India
  • Registered Office: 7th Floor, Popular House, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Infrastucture (Capacity Per Day)
  • Castor Crushing: 1000-1200 MT
  • Castor Refining: 500-600 MT
  • Solvent Extraction: 500-600 MT
  • HCO: 50-60 MT
  • 12 HSA: 50-60 MT
  • RA: 25-30 MT
  • * MT = Metric Ton